Cache Information

We use Redis for caching results from the Suppliers

Service Function PSRESTful Endpoint Cache Timeout
Product Data getProductSellable /sellable-products/ 1 day
Product Data getProduct /products/:product_id/ 1 day
Product Data getProductCloseOut /products-closeout/ 1 day
Product Data getProductDateModified /products-modified-since/ 4 hours
Media Content getMediaContent /medias/:product_id/ 1 day
Media Content getMediaDateModified /media-modified-since/ 1 day
PPC getAvailableLocations /available-locations/:product_id/ 1 day
PPC getDecorationColors /decoration-colors/ 1 day
PPC getFobPoints /fob-points/:product_id/ 1 day
PPC getAvailableCharges /available-charges/:product_id/ 1 day
PPC getConfigurationAndPricing /pricing-and-configuration/:product_id/ 1 day
INV getFilterValues /filter-values/:product_id/ 1 day
INV getInventoryLevels /inventory/:product_id/ 4 hours

The other services are not being cached at all.